Application-aware storage selling

One storage size does not fit all applications

Having storage attuned to an application so that it both delivers crisp application storage response and high utilisation, meaning less money spent spinning empty space, sounds like a very good idea.

Pillar, funded by Oracle boss Larry Ellison’s Tako Ventures, has just announced a sales with with ScanSafe, a web services company using an Oracle 10g database. The appeal of Pillar, or one aspect of its appeal, was that Pillar’s Axiom storage is better attuned to Oracle than any other storage product.

Well, I guess you could get faster database performance if you used a Texas Memory Systems DRAM solid state disk but then you’re talking about vast amounts of money, which is not better. So, buy Pillar’s Axiom and have your database table accesses and your database record accesses serviced appropriately.

Pillar has an ESG Strategy Brief looking at its application-aware storage pitch and it has this statement in it: “Application awareness means that the storage system, and some day other areas of the infrastructure stack, recognizes the application that is using it and reacts (dynamically, ideally) by presenting and delivering different capabilities to that application, thus providing the best possible match between the application’s needs and the storage devices capabilities.”

This gets even better in mixed workload environments where different qualities of storage service; access speed and protection for different aspects of the application’s needs for example, can be provisioned dynamically from the storage system.

Pillar is saying one storage size does not fit all applications. The ScanSafe win suggests that this message is beginning to resonate with customers and gain traction.


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