Atrato V1000 – first picture

Drive and some I/O details added

Atrato’s revolutionary Velocity1000 array does not use 1.8-inch drives and nor does it use InfiniBand.

On announcement day yesterday physical format disk drive information wasn’t available and nor was information about the I/O channels.

In response to a disk drive format size question an Atrato spokesperson said: “We use 2.5-inch drives.” That means that 157 320GB drives would be needed to create a 50TB raw capacity V1000. There would need to be 250 200GB drives to create a 50TB array or, if there were equal numbers in each mini-unit, 128 per SAID sub-unit, with each mini-unit holding 32.

The answer to a question about what kind of I/O was used is interesting as it says either SAN or network-attached storage (NAS) can be used. The answer was:

- Fibre Channel – Full-duplex 4Gbit/s FC ports for SAN clients
- Ethernet – 10GE ports for COTS (commercial, off-the-shelf) to use with NAS and NFS v3/v4 clients

This means that the Velocity1000 can be used for file storage and access as well as block storage. SAN clients will need 4Gbit/s host bus adapters.

A picture (left) was supplied of the 3U enclosure. We don’t know if there are red, yellow, green and blue LEDs on the front panel which provide information or whether they are just a design feature, and will try and find out.


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