Blu-ray to be eclipsed by flash

Memory drives, not optical disks, for movies

The chief scientist of LucasFilms THX unit thinks it’s too late for Blu-ray to become the default storage media for movies.

The THX chief scientist, Laurie Fincham, reckons that DVDs are good enough for now and higher capacity thumb drives or memory cards are coming. By the time Blu-ray drives become affordable by the mass market, larger capacities will be available in flash and customers could walk out of film shops with movies in their pockets rather than a bag full of Blu-ray disks.

Fincham said: ”In the future I want to be able to carry four to five movies around with me in a wallet, or walk into a store and have someone copy me a movie to a USB device. Stores will like that idea, because it’s all about having zero inventory. I don’t want to take up shelf space with dozens of HD movies.”

“By the time Blu-ray really finds a mass market, we will have 128GB cards. I would guess that getting studios to supply movies on media cards, or offer downloads, will be a lot easier than getting them to sign up to support a disc format.”

Of course, this assumes that high-definition movie players will have a standardised flash card socket, such as USB 2.0, or even USB 3.0 by then.


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