Bullet-proof email backup and recovery

Investment fund chooses Asigra

Prince Street Capital Management was founded in New York in 2001 and looks after more than $300 million of investments. It is a hedge and unhedged captial management company investing in emerging and frontier markets, the riskier shores of the investment world, though nowhere near as risky as sub-prime mortgage-based investing. It has just ten employees and they travel widely to check on investment projects.

The company relies extensively on email communications and instant and assured access to emails is crucial for its business. Peter McKown, its Chief Financial Officer, said: “Email is the lifeblood of our organization as it keeps us connected with brokers, investors and colleagues.”

The e-mail system is a Microsoft Exchange 2003 one. Naturally Prince Street has to have arrangements in place to recover e-mails if they are lost or deleted. McKown said: “In our quest to implement an appropriate backup and recovery solution, fast recovery of Microsoft Exchange data was a key determinant in our decision-making process.”

The firm has chosen to implement a televaulting system, using an Asigra product which copies all Exchange data to an offsite data centre in Long Island maintained by Data Storage Corporation (DSC). This ensures safe remote storage and rapid recovery of information.

Data Storage Corporation describes itself as a boutique service provider dedicated to fulfilling its clients’ regulatory requirements as well as investing in the best IT licensed software and the best-of-breed hardware in the industry. DSC clients are protected against hard drive failures, accidental deletions, employee abuse, hacking, viruses and disasters.

Jason Nocco is a Vice President at DSC and said: “We currently protect Prince Street Capital Management’s Exchange 2003 data which is stored offsite at our vault and further replicated to our Disaster Recovery facility over 1,000 miles away. With Asigra as our backup service software platform, recovery time is minimal since we are able to provide recovery of select mailboxes or emails, instead of having to unnecessarily restore the entire Exchange database. For an organization like Prince Street Capital Management, where time is money and lack of access to email means a decline in revenue, rapid information recovery is critical. Our managed backup services allow customers to easily meet their recovery time objectives.”

DSC has a disaster recovery facility in south Florida. This facility allows it to maintain high availability and recovery in case of a disaster. The DSC suite of services can operate fully from the south Florida facility if the Long Island network operation centre goes out of operation.

Asigra Televaulting is an agentless information recovery platform. It is in use by hundreds of global service providers who deliver managed backup services to protect more than 50,000 locations internationally. Televaulting provides simple, centralized management of the information recovery process, ensuring information availability while eliminating the capital and operational expenses associated with agent-based solutions.

For Prince Street Capital Management DSC’s Asigra-powered managed backup and recovery service provides:

- Rapid Microsoft Exchange-based recovery: WAN-optimized return of all missing emails at the message or brick level for recovery in minutes;
- AES 256-bit encrypted offsite storage: safe and secure remote storage of information at the DSC vault;
- Low-touch ease-of-use: Managed backup removes the complexity of traditional onsite backup processes performed internally and ensures that backups are conducted without fail; and
- Business-friendly pricing model: DSC’s pricing model is based on the amount of data stored – a pay-as-you-grow model for growing businesses.

Prince Street pretty much has a bullet-proof email backup system. If its staff lose an email they can get it back from DSC’s Long Island data centre. If Prince Street’s own data centre goes down the Long Island one is still operational. If that goes down then the south Florida one switches into use.

Three separate data centres would each have to crash before Prince Street Capital Management staff were denied access to emails. It is, as near as one can get, bullet-proof.

Let Peter McKown have the final words: “With the selection of Data Storage Corporation as our managed backup and recovery services partner, our business requirements are met and service levels are beyond expectations.”


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