Dell says Avian Securities claims don’t fly

Up to 30 percent Flash laptops not duff

Dell has unambiguously rebutted Avian Securities’ claims that up to 30 percent of  flash-equipped Dell notebooks were being returned for performance or function problems, saying: “It’s just not true,” in a Direct2Dell blog note.

The company says that SSD (solid state disk) drive reliability is equal to or better than hard drive reliability. Return rates are in line with its expectations and ‘an order of magnitude better’ that the supposed rates; that would be 2 to 3 percent instead of 20 to 30 percent.

Dell is now offering SATA II flash drives from Samsung, which it calls Dell Ultra Performance SSD, that out-perform current laptop hard drives. So performance is even better.

Dell’s flash notebooks are flying but the Avian Securities research note has crash landed.


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