EMC’s Outsourced Managed Storage Service

We’ll manage it for you
According to a recruitment ad, EMC is looking to set up an Outsourced Managed Storage Services business to look after the management of an enterprise customer’s entire storage infrastructure.

EMC’s professional services organisation would provide the management resource from a Storage Managed Services Practice. The company is looking for business development managers to be responsible for the sales and marketing of the service.

The job spec can be seen at CMS Wire: http://jobs.cmswire.com/job/487/

The job is based at EMC San Francisco but candidates can live anywhere in the USA as long as they are in commuting range of a national airport. They will work with EMC ‘business unit leaders to design, develop, package and communicate the services that an account or business unit performs and can deliver to clients’.

The candidate will be ‘responsible for performance management, disciplinary, recruitment and all aspects of staff management for department’. This implies that the Outsourced Managed Services business unit is going to be separate from EMC’s Storage Managed Service practice.

The online application can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/yva853

The job spec does not say that EMC is looking to actually outsource a client’s actual storage equipment, but only the management of it. In the recent development of large scale IT infrastructure outsourcing the transfer of actual data centres and staff into the outsourcer’s own business is often a feature.


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