FalconStor on FCoE and SSD

If users want FCoE to be a success, it will be. SSD technology is being developed.

What does FalconStor think of FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) and flash memory solid-state disks (SSD). We asked John Lallier who is the company’s VP of Technology.

  1.  FCoE offers the Fibre Channel community the advantages of using a single interconnect for both LAN and SAN, but allows data centres already familiar with Fibre Channel to adopt this without having to change their infrastructure or processes. FalconStor has long been an advocate of open standards to give customers choices. FalconStor products have added support for Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and most recently InfiniBand as a means of providing advanced storage services to the widest audience. In FalconStor’s protocol-agnostic designs, adding support for an additional protocol or transport is straightforward. Ultimately however, it will be up to end users to determine if there is sufficient market demand for FCoE support.
  2.  SSD would definitely have a place in deduplication systems, just as they would in other storage systems where higher speed access is crucial. They are of specific interest to FalconStor given that our deduplication system is designed to use multiple nodes in large enterprise environments to create a very large common namespace with the ability to distribute workload for higher performance. Matching that with a high performance shared SSD gives the multiple nodes the ability to quickly process multiple streams of data, while being able to find common elements across a very large single repository.

FalconStor is actively working with SSD companies to deliver this type of configuration for customers.


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