File virtualisation progress

It’s EMC, NetApp and F5 in front

Brocade has a lot of ground to make up with its File Area Network (FAN) StorageX file virtualisation product. According to a study by TheInfoPro – (registration needed) – EMC, NetApp and F5, in that order, have the most active file virtualisation customers and customers planning to use their products in the near term.

NetApp has the most file virtualisation products in use whilst EMC and F5 both have more in the pilot and evaluation phase than NetApp. IBM was number three in iterms of in-use products but had far fewer evaluation/pilot customers than any of the other top five vendors. Microsoft was number four in terms of in-use file virtualisation products with F5 in the fifth position. However F5 has more customers evaluating its product than EMC.

Brocade is number twelve on TheInfoPro list with products in near term and long-term plans but apparently none in use in the survey sample.

Some 63 percent of the sample had no file virtualisation plans. That figure suggests that file virtualisation benefits are not well understood, or thought worthwhile enough for investigation.


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