High capacity but slow 256GB SSD

Thinnest 256GB SSD available

Super Talent has announced a capacious but slow solid state disk (SSD) which is the thinnest 256GB SSD in the world.

It comes in the 12.5mm thick 2.5-inch hard drive form factor, larger than the standard notebook 2.5-inch form factor of 9.5mm high. This 12.5mm thickness is 40 percent less than other 256GB SSD products.

It also only offers a SATA I interface rather than the faster, 3Gbit/s, SATA II.

Super Talent says it achieves 0.1ms access times, a maximum of 65MB/sec sequential read speed and 50MB/sec sequential write speed. It has good shock and vibration resistance, error-correction and control logic, bad bit firmware and wear-leveling technology.

It’s destined for applications needing ruggedness, reliability and endurance, not average notebook computers.


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