Mobile storage scooter

Can store a petabyte

For a petabyte-class moving experience use Data Islandia’s data scooter to transfer files to its Iceland-based data centre archive facility.

Data Islandia offers secure and energy-efficient off-shore archiving relying on 100 percent renewable energy resources. Its problem is how to get the vast amounts of corporate archival data, terabytes of the stuff, into its remote storage facility.

The company has come up with a near-roll-along solution, a Hitachi Data Systems CAP (Content Archive Platform) product packaged inside a robust and wheeled case, the data scooter. This is wheeled into a corporate data centre and hooked up to its network. Files are transferred across to it and, when complete, the data scooter is then transferred to an airport and, using jumbo net, transferred to Data Islandia’s Icelandic data centre.

The company says this is vastly less expensive than sending a petabyte of date across international communications links to Iceland, using undersea fibre optic cables.

A grapefruit down a garden hose

Sol Squire, Data Íslandia’s managing director, said “This is a very simple solution to an old problem, but it really works. Managing huge volumes of data is a complex challenge and archiving just can’t be done over a network. It would be like trying to fit a grapefruit down a garden hose.”

“In the past IT departments were forced to rely on old servers and lots of bubble wrap to physically move their archived data – a risky and expensive process. Now we can offer a secure approach that leverages the best storage technology to ensure data integrity is maintained at 10 percent of the cost of transmitting it across MPLS networks.”

Once in its data centre Data Islandia says it is cheaper to keep the data there than anywhere else. Data needing to be restored can be sent across the undersea cables as small transfers are more cost-efficient.

When data has been successfully transferred to the Icelandic archive vault it can be deleted from an enterprise’s own data centre and free up a huge amount of storage which could be re-used or simple retired.

The data scooter is available in three capacity sizes: 4.5TB; 18TB; and 1PB. It is designed to be stackable to fit in airplane cargo holds.


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