Of HD-DVD and Blu-ray

Tosh loss and Microsoft nixes Xbox 360 Blu-ray

The Japanese Nikkei paper reports or speculated that Toshiba faces a near $1 billion loss over the failed and now ended HD-DVD venture. Toshiba is keeping mum.

Meanwhile Reuters reports that Microsoft is not considering adding Blu-ray support to its Xbox 360 games console, which used to be an HD-DVD supporter. Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360, said this in an interview.

Oddly Windows itself will support Blu-ray.

Our view was that Microsoft would add Blu-ray to the Xbox (controller pictured) to get high-definition games. That’s been proved wrong. Presumably Microsoft doesn’t want to support Sony’s Blu-ray format with the Xbox because it competes strongly with Sony’s Blu-ray-using Playstation III.

This would leave the Xbox without any high-definition optical disk support. Greenberg said Microsoft could use its Xbox Live service to stream high-definition content over the Internet to the console. That might happen in five years time. Until then there will be no such high definition gaming experience for Xbox users, giving Sony an advantage.

This might be a decision that’s regretted, one of the cutting off your nose to spite your face kind.

Also, now that Sony has an effective high definition disk format monopoly, Blu-ray player prices are rising according to reports. Ah Sony, bless.


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