File virtualisation progress

It’s EMC, NetApp and F5 in front

Brocade has a lot of ground to make up with its File Area Network (FAN) StorageX file virtualisation product. According to a study by TheInfoPro – (registration needed) – EMC, NetApp and F5, in that order, have the most active file virtualisation customers and customers planning to use their products in the near term.

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Which is it Atrato? 1.8-inch or 2.5-inch?

To our coy mistress

Well Attrato, are you using 1.8inch or 2.5-inch drives?

Byte and Switch says 1.8-inch.

The Channel Register said 1.8 inch at first and then plumped for 2.5-inch. A Google search hit summary mentions 1.8-inch drives but the article itself, by Austin Modine, has 2.5-inch drives mentioned, showing that the original copy has been updated.

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Dust not settling

Atrato’s arrival

Arriving with a satisfying thud, Atrato’s Velocity1000 leaves a lot of detailed questions unanswered but also poses a re-evaluation suggestion to supplier chief technology officers. Is spindle multiplication the way to go to get performance increases and reduced RAID rebuild times?

Seagate has been putting the spindle increase view about but drive array manufacturers haven’t yet responded. Perhaps Atrato is the first sign of a changeover wave to 2.5-inch technology, a drive format downsizing move.

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Bullet-proof email backup and recovery

Investment fund chooses Asigra

Prince Street Capital Management was founded in New York in 2001 and looks after more than $300 million of investments. It is a hedge and unhedged captial management company investing in emerging and frontier markets, the riskier shores of the investment world, though nowhere near as risky as sub-prime mortgage-based investing. It has just ten employees and they travel widely to check on investment projects.

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High capacity but slow 256GB SSD

Thinnest 256GB SSD available

Super Talent has announced a capacious but slow solid state disk (SSD) which is the thinnest 256GB SSD in the world.

It comes in the 12.5mm thick 2.5-inch hard drive form factor, larger than the standard notebook 2.5-inch form factor of 9.5mm high. This 12.5mm thickness is 40 percent less than other 256GB SSD products.

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Potent patent raid on Blu-ray

Retired Columbia University professor strikes again

Professor Gertrude Neumark Rothschild wants Sony to stop importing PlayStation IIIs with Blu-ray into the USA.

She asserts she owns a patent referring to light-emitting diodes and laser diode technology used by short wave (blue and violet) lasers in products such as hand-held mobile devices, instrument panels, billboards, traffic lights, HD DVD players, Blu-ray disc players and various data storage devices. All these products, made by companies such as Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba, infringe her patent and she wants their importation into the USA stopped. Just like that.

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The new goldrush; lawyers strip mining for gold

Ediscovery needs smarter content searching

The military have ‘search and destroy’ missions but eDiscovery is about search and detect missions, and they can cost much more. A major eDiscovery case could involve the review of more than 10 million documents.

These are scanned by expensive lawyers looking for smoking guns relevant to the case they are pursuing or defending. It has to be lawyers because they know the case context and details; they will recognise things that are significant as they review hundreds of thousands if not millions of documents.

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Spell-bindingly fast box

UPDATED-Atrato is BlueArc for blocks

(Updated information italicised. 27 March 2008.)

Atrato, a startup dedicated to producing highly dense, accelerated I/O storage, has introduced its first product. The Velocity1000 delivers more than 11,000 random read/write IOPS and 3,600 separate parallel data streams from a sealed array of either 1.8-inch or 2.5-inch notebook-class serial ATA (SATA) drives.

(The company is not saying which but does say disk capacity ranges from 100 to 320GB. The latter figure rules out 1.8-inch drives.)

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