Who ever thought HR could lead to jail time?

Ex-Brocade personnel director gets 4 months jail and $1.25 million fine.

Stephanie Jensen, the ex-Brocade personnel director caught up in the Brocade stock options backdating case, has been given 4 months jail, a $1.25 million fine and 1 year of supervised release after jail.

Who would have thought a dull HR post could lead to jail?

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Chinese threat to Blu-ray

HD-EVD standard mooted
Leading Chinese optical disk vendors are trying to establish a new high-definition optical disk standard, nothwithstanding Toshiba’s failure to establish HD-DVD.

Currently there is a DVD-like Chinese optical disk format called EVD (enhanced versatile disk.) Chinese vendors such as Antaeus Universal are trying to build on this to develop HD-EVD, a high-definition version which would support the 1080p standard.

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Another Sun StorageTrekkie boldly goes

Nigel Dessau moves to AMD

AMD has recruited ex Sun/StorageTek chief marketeer Nigel Dessau to be its chief marketing officer.

The urbane and polished Dessau was SVP alliances and licensing, a recent move from being SVP storage marketing. When Sun moved much of its StorageTek storage products into the systems business under John Fowler, which already had a marketing person, Dessau went sideways to alliances and IP licensing.

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70 exabytes in Amazon’s S3 storage cloud?

It’s only two years old
In Anil Gupta’s blog there is a guesstimate that Amazon’s S3 cloud service already stores between 14 and 70 exabytes of data.
An exabyte, as a reminder, is 1,000 petabytes.

A petabyte, as a remind… is 1,000 terabytes.
A terabyte, as a …. is 1,000 gigabytes.
A gigabyte ….. 1,000 megabytes.

So 70EB is 70 billion gigabytes. If true, that’s an astonishing total. S3 is just a mewling and, sometimes, puking infant. What’s it going to be storing a few more years time?

Tony Asaro joins Virtual Iron

From ESG to Dell to Virtual Iron in weeks

High-profile ESG analyst and iSCSI afficionado Tony Asaro, who joined and left Dell in just 1 month, has popped up at open source server virtualisation vendor Virtual Iron as its chief strategy officer.

Looking at his career progression it could be that he needs the advice of a chief career officer.

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Brocade gets additional SAN performance technology

Strategic partnership with IntelliMagic

File and block networked storage supplier Brocade has a strategic partnership with IntelliMagic for SAN analysis and modelling technology.

IntelliMagic provides software tools for both tape and disk storage optimisation. The tool’s predictive analytics and reporting capabilities provide good visibility into I/O performance. The tools can monitor the usage of a storage system and predict bottlenecks before they occur, so enabling customers to avoid oncoming I/O performance issues.

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Whither Document Sciences?

EMC Document Sciences and Documentum integration

EMC has satisfactorily complete another acquisition, that of Document Sciences, which has become an independent business unit inside EMC, called EMC Document Sciences, (in)conveniently acronymised as EDS. Since that acronym is already spoken for it isn’t being used. (We’ll use EMC-DS to avoid excessive typing.)

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