X4500 and Solaris thump big time for Sapotek

ZFS is a big kicker too for mini-cloud supplier

With Sapotek Sun has won a highly delighted customer for its Solaris 10, X4500 Thumper storage array and ZFS file system.

Sapotek’s CEP, Joshua Randall, tells how he used to be a big Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) fan after starting out with Fedora. His company produces open source web products and services and supplies Desktoptwo free online desktop services to more than 200,000 users. The infrastructure behind this was relatively small scale: five 1U 64-bit Xeon servers from Dell, RHEL and Red Hat’s GFS file system.

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SNW Europe Call for papers

27th-29th October, Congress Frankfurt
On behalf of SNIA Europe and Angel Business Communications we are pleased to open our ‘call for papers’ for SNW Europe 2008 that takes place this year from 27th-29th October, once again at Congress Frankfurt.

SNW Europe is an independent conference and associated exhibition where IT end-users, resellers and consultants can learn about networked storage technologies, enterprise infrastructure trends, regulatory compliance developments, data lifecycle management and systems management platforms.

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Industry viewpoint: RFID technology vs. the challenges of data security

Resolving the inadequacy of current practices

This is an Imation-supplied opinion piece, written by Nigel Clarke, national sales manager at Imation.

Rarely does a week go by without another story appearing in the national press about the mishandling of critical stored data. It’s nothing new to hear about CDs with names and addresses of members of the public getting lost in the post, or laptops containing top secret military data being stolen from cars or left in public places. Naturally, these incidents generate disparaging comment in the media, and provoke damning response from industry and enterprise on what seems to be going wrong with regard to the management of sensitive information. Clearly, despite the constraints imposed on data managers by legislation such as the Data Protection Act, the issue of securing stored data is not being taken seriously enough by the people at the heart of the matter. Nigel Clarke, National Sales Manager for Imation, examines the issues involved in effective data handling and storage, and asks if there is anything that technology can do – and should be doing – to help resolve the inadequacy of current practices.

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ZFS could hold entire world’s data

1.8 zettabytes – no problem

We can relax. The digital data explosion issue is sorted. IDC analysts can wean themselves off Prozac.

IDC has forecast that the world’s digital data will total 1.8 zettabytes (1,800 exabytes) in 2011, a 10-fold increase over five years.

This is more data than the world’s drive arrays can hold, let alone address.

Problem sorted: Sun’s ZFS – Zettabyte File System – can hold 256 quadrillion zettabytes. Not only can this data be stored in a file system, it is a global namespace.

We could even de-dupe it and cut it back to 90 exabytes. There, you feel better already.

File system fables

Terrific account of file system history

PC technology website Ars Technica has a great history of file systems. The story begins with the very first minicomputer, the PDP 8 and its tape-based file sysyem. It moves on to the PC and its rudimentary floppy disk-based file system and then the flowering of Microsoft and Unix.

You can read the series of six or so pages – 6,500+ words – with illustrations at Ars Technica.

Western Digital doing well

Best Western according to iSuppli

This is a view from iSuppli which describes the contents of a report it has for sale. The details of that are below.

Western Digital Corp.’s (WDC’s) share price recently hit a 10-year high—but is its stock-market success the product of Wall Street spin—or Main Street demand for the company’s Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)?

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Recession coming in the storage market?

Potential winners and losers if buyers strike

Recession; the dread ‘R’ word. It seems clear that the USA is entering a recession with financial institutions being battered; Bear Sterns has just been rescued from a financial meltdown.

If consumers batten down their spending hatches then businesses that sell to them will face lower orders, will want to conserve cash, and won’t be able to buy so much storage gear; products or services. Who will be the likely winners and losers if this scenario comes to pass?

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LeftHand Networks Becomes Anite’s Storage Right Hand

Anite Chooses LeftHand Networks for Highly Available Virtualisation Solution

IT services and system integration company Anite is using LeftHand Networks’ SAN/iQ virtualised iSCSI storage area network solution in its two data centres with their VMware virtual server environment.

Anite is an international software and solutions company whose primary business is the provision of industry-specific solutions based on its deep sector knowledge of the wireless telecoms, public sector, and travel markets. These solutions almost always include at their core the supply of Anite-owned software products. Anite offers a comprehensive service to its customers, including implementation, systems integration, maintenance and managed services, enabling it to maximise customer satisfaction and financial returns.

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Apple and ZFS

What is going on with Apple and Sun’s ZFS (Zettabyte File System)?

ZFS, based at least in part on NetApp’s WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layout), has a 128-bit addressing scheme and can address 256 quadrillion zettabytes. A zettabyte is 1 billion terabytes. The basic capacity is just huge. ZFS delivers one storage volume to a host computer’s O/S and abstracts all the component disk drives and arrays to form that volume. Sun says that it has profound administration and data security advantages over other file systems.

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Did EMC blunder with Iomega bid?

Could EMC make a hostile takeover bid?

Why did Iomega rebuff EMC’s acquisition offer in public so forcefully? Is it saying ‘no’ in no uncertain terms and forcing EMC to mount a hostile takeover bid if it wants to proceed?

EMC could have phoned up Iomega’s CEO, Jonathan Huberman (pictured) and suggested they dance the acquisition tango together and Iomega could have politely declined with that being that; end of story, nothing said publicly at all.

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