Blu-ray for Mac

May be coming soon, may be not

AppleInsider has a rumour that Apple and Sony are in the final negotiation stages for bringing Blu-ray drives to Macs.

Third-party Blu-ray drives are available but not an Apple-branded drive.

Apple-branded Blu-ray drives have been mooted for Macs for a couple of years. It has been assumed that the HD-DVD-Blu-ray marketing year prevented a decision being made but that obstacle, if it was real, has now gone away.

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WAN Performance – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow???

SilverPeak’s VP Prod Mkt’g on Riverbed and AutoCAD

Jeff Aaron, Silver Peak’s VP for product marketing, writes to express his opinion of the Riverbed and AutoCAD issue. What follows is his text:-

“I have previously discussed how there are two schools of thought with respect to WAN optimization. Recent news surrounding Riverbed’s lack of support for the latest version of AutoCAD (ver 2008) has prompted me to re-address that topic….

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Of HD-DVD and Blu-ray

Tosh loss and Microsoft nixes Xbox 360 Blu-ray

The Japanese Nikkei paper reports or speculated that Toshiba faces a near $1 billion loss over the failed and now ended HD-DVD venture. Toshiba is keeping mum.

Meanwhile Reuters reports that Microsoft is not considering adding Blu-ray support to its Xbox 360 games console, which used to be an HD-DVD supporter. Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360, said this in an interview.

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Doorways in and out

Xsan Xamination – 3

This is the third part of our Apple Xsan examination.

Going outside the garden wall

By adding a Windows or Linux server running the Quantum-sourced StorNext FX product non-Mac OS X clients can be added to the Xsan network of accessing systems. For example, Windows client systems with FC HBAs and a FC link to the Xsan switch can access Xsan volumes. The StorNext server acts as a translation facility mapping their file access calls to and from Xsan calls.

The reverse is true. Mac and Xserve clients with Xsan can be added to an existing StorNext SAN environment via an intervening Windows or Linux box running StorNext.

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The basic Xsan landscape

Xsan Xamination – 1

Apple’s new Xsan 2, launched on February 19th, is more than a standard SAN (storage area network) but does its stuff inside an Apple semi-walled garden. The basics, the hardware basics, are recognisable but the software layered on them is some way removed from a typical datacentre SAN. However there are doorways into and out of this walled Apple garden.

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Dynamic Dot Hill

Successfully playing the OEM supply game

Dot Hill manufactures and supplies disk drive arrays to partners such as HP, NetApp and Sun. The supply deal to HP was quite recently announced and followed by HP’s own announcement of its MSA2000 modular storage array which is, under the re-branded cover, a Dot Hill 2000 series product. We had the opportunity to talk to Cooper Cowart, Dot Hill’s marketing VP and find out more about the company.

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Storage in a recession

The thing to do is to save money – now

The USA is in a recession with other countries likely to be affected. What does it mean for storage customers and storage suppliers?

We storage customers are affected by two broad pressures now: we have more data to store; and we have less money to store it. What we want from suppliers is a response to that: here is how you can store more data for less money; and here is how using this will lessen your total storage bill now, right now.

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Build the Foundations for Compliance

Steve Tongish, Marketing Director EMEA at archiving solutions specialist, Plasmon

Written by Steve Tongish, Plasmon’s EMEA Marketing Director.

Globally there are hundreds of regulations governing the preservation and legal admissibility of digital data. Many European countries are not far behind the United States in defining and enforcing data regulations and there is growing potential for EU wide legislation. Understanding exactly which regulations apply to your own company can be very complex. This may seem like an insurmountable challenge but it is possible to deploy a foundation for compliance, without complete knowledge of regulatory obligations, which will support your compliance needs into the future and provide substantial business benefits.

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