Panasonic intros 64GB flash card

High-definition recording capacity

Panasonic Broadcast has announced an unprecedented 64GB capacity P2 flash card for its solid state camcorders and connection to desktop and laptop computers.

The AJ-P2C064 card has double the capcity of the 32GB product announced in November last year, and four times that of the 16GB P2 card announced earlier last year. This is a quadrupling of capacity in just over twelve months.

The card can hold more than 4 hours of DVCPRO footage, calculated at 4 minutes per GB and the 64GB capacity. A Panasonic AJ-HPX3000 P2 HD camcorder can store 5.3 hours of video in higher definition AVC-Intra 100 or DVCPRO HD formats with five of the cards installed.

Recently Panasonic introduced a 32GB SDHC flash card that can transfer data at 20MB/sec.

The P2 card is packaged in a rugged, die-cast frame and is resistant to impact, vibration, shock, dust and environmental extremes including temperature changes.

For connection to laptop or desktop computers with ExpressCard slots, professionals can utilize a PC card-to-ExpressCard adapter as well as the new AJ-PCD35 P2 solid-state memory card drive.

The 64GB P2 card is scheduled for initial deliveries in fall 2008 and the current 16GB and 32GB alternatives will still be offered.


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