Tony Asaro joins Virtual Iron

From ESG to Dell to Virtual Iron in weeks

High-profile ESG analyst and iSCSI afficionado Tony Asaro, who joined and left Dell in just 1 month, has popped up at open source server virtualisation vendor Virtual Iron as its chief strategy officer.

Looking at his career progression it could be that he needs the advice of a chief career officer.

He joined Dell, as product marketing director, apparently being head-hunted in part personally by Michael Dell, at the beginning of January. At the end of January he was gone, departed, exited, kaput and Dell didn’t say a word. Asaro was a ghost employee. It didn’t recruit him. He was never there.

On March 12 server virtualisation company Virtual Iron said he was now their chief strategy officer. How did it describe his past career?

“Asaro has been in the high tech industry for 22 years in a wide range of roles including sales, systems engineering, business development, marketing and as an entrepreneur. Most recently, he was with the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a leading industry analyst and consulting firm.”

No mention of Dell there. History has been re-written with an entire four weeks being excised. Tony Asaro was never at Dell. Dell didn’t happen in his career. There was no quick in-and-out at Dell. No, you must have been mistaken. He was a virtual product marketing director.

Now Virtual Iron has him, what will he do? He’ll focus on business strategy, ecosystem development, evangelism and education of Virtual Iron to the market and complement the company’s worldwide go-to-market efforts.

Ed Walsh, president and CEO of Virtual Iron, said: “Tony Asaro is a great addition to the Virtual Iron team as we continue to expand our presence in the fast-growing server virtualization market. We will leverage Tony’s deep experience and abilities to sharpen our business, marketing and product strategies and continue to increase our visibility across our user, partner and channel communities.”

The man himself said: “Implementing server virtualization is one of the highest priorities in IT regardless of size, industry or region in the world. Virtual Iron has a field-proven solution that our customers find is easy to use, cost effective and provides them all of the advanced management capabilities needed for a true server virtualization environment. Virtual Iron will continue to focus on raising its visibility to this wide audience so they know they have a choice.”

The company states that the current penetration of virtualization on installed x86 servers is estimated at just 6 percent today. It has over 1,500 customers and has built a strong worldwide channel network including distribution agreements with Tech Data in North America and Europe, and Avnet in Europe and Australia.

Whether that is enough to withstand the ongoing onslaught of VMWare and the expected Hyper-V blitzkrieg is another matter. Virtual Iron could find its prospects turning rusty unless it becomes the open source server virtualisation software of choice.


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