The basic Xsan landscape

Xsan Xamination – 1

Apple’s new Xsan 2, launched on February 19th, is more than a standard SAN (storage area network) but does its stuff inside an Apple semi-walled garden. The basics, the hardware basics, are recognisable but the software layered on them is some way removed from a typical datacentre SAN. However there are doorways into and out of this walled Apple garden.

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Dynamic Dot Hill

Successfully playing the OEM supply game

Dot Hill manufactures and supplies disk drive arrays to partners such as HP, NetApp and Sun. The supply deal to HP was quite recently announced and followed by HP’s own announcement of its MSA2000 modular storage array which is, under the re-branded cover, a Dot Hill 2000 series product. We¬†had the opportunity to talk to Cooper Cowart, Dot Hill’s marketing VP and find out more about the company.

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