Disaster Recovery special FX

Acronis helps digital media special effects company

Stargate Digital is a full service visual effects company best known for its innovative work in film and television. Founded in 1985, it has studios in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and London with over 150 artists, supervisors, and producers covering all areas of digital production and visual effects.

In addition to Matte Painting, 3D, compositing, film and HD production, and editorial services, Stargate Digital offers its innovative Virtual Backlot and Digital Intermediate techniques utilizing its own proprietary technologies. It also offers upfront script evaluation, storyboarding, and pre-viz to help develop the signature looks for a proposed TV show or best determine the right approach for complex visual effects scenes.

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Bradford Grammar School gets continuously protected

FalconStor CDP

Bradford Grammar School is an outstanding UK secondary school. Few schools of its type are so well fitted out and provide such a rich set of facilities for education. It was founded in the 15th century, 1548 to be precise, and became a chartered Free Grammar School in 1662 when King Charles II was on the throne. The school became a dirtect grant school in the 60s, an independent school in 1975, and fully co-educational in 1999.

The school can teach just over 900 pupils, 30 percent of whom are female, and the teacher:pupil ratio is 1:15. Its motto is Hoc Age, meaning ‘Do this’, which its pupils do, attaining truly excellent examination results with a 98 percent pass rate for GCSE (Grades A*-C) in 2006.

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Bullet-proof email backup and recovery

Investment fund chooses Asigra

Prince Street Capital Management was founded in New York in 2001 and looks after more than $300 million of investments. It is a hedge and unhedged captial management company investing in emerging and frontier markets, the riskier shores of the investment world, though nowhere near as risky as sub-prime mortgage-based investing. It has just ten employees and they travel widely to check on investment projects.

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X4500 and Solaris thump big time for Sapotek

ZFS is a big kicker too for mini-cloud supplier

With Sapotek Sun has won a highly delighted customer for its Solaris 10, X4500 Thumper storage array and ZFS file system.

Sapotek’s CEP, Joshua Randall, tells how he used to be a big Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) fan after starting out with Fedora. His company produces open source web products and services and supplies Desktoptwo free online desktop services to more than 200,000 users. The infrastructure behind this was relatively small scale: five 1U 64-bit Xeon servers from Dell, RHEL and Red Hat’s GFS file system.

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LeftHand Networks Becomes Anite’s Storage Right Hand

Anite Chooses LeftHand Networks for Highly Available Virtualisation Solution

IT services and system integration company Anite is using LeftHand Networks’ SAN/iQ virtualised iSCSI storage area network solution in its two data centres with their VMware virtual server environment.

Anite is an international software and solutions company whose primary business is the provision of industry-specific solutions based on its deep sector knowledge of the wireless telecoms, public sector, and travel markets. These solutions almost always include at their core the supply of Anite-owned software products. Anite offers a comprehensive service to its customers, including implementation, systems integration, maintenance and managed services, enabling it to maximise customer satisfaction and financial returns.

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Floods drown 138 Morphy Richards PCs

Data retrieved by Seagate Recovery Services

Domestic appliance manufacturer Morphy Richards had 138 PCs drowned in flash flooding in June, 2007. Within two hours its 21-acre site was under six feet of water. The company needed to get the data back from the PCs. Most of it had been backed up but some had not. (There’s a lesson here but we won’t go into it.)

Morphy Richards staff couldn’t just use one of the company’s own hair dryers. Such drying leaves a sticky residue on platters which causes head crashes. So it asked its local reseller, Q-tron, for help. It put Morphy Richards in touch with Seagate Recovery Services (SRS). As soon as the flood waters receded Morphy Richards staff recovered the affected hard drives and handed them over to SRS.

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Weill Cornell Medical College

Chooses Spectra Logic tape library

Weill Cornell Medical College stores more than 30TB of data from files, server configurations and databases. Weill conducts nightly backups of more than 600 GB of data.

The college’s previous backup system was having performance issues, so they decided to research updated libraries to simplify and improve their backup process. Weill Cornell Medical College also wanted to add encryption functionality to help safeguard sensitive patient data and comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

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Accountancy firm glad to have changed to Televaulting

After tape backup failed Asigra’s online backup delivered the goods

Accountancy firm A. Desaur & Co. of Hampton, Middlesex, England, has not been lucky. In April last year a server failure and resulting backup problem resulted in 20 percent of its data becoming lost. An accountancy firm has huge amounts of detailed historical information about its clients. Such a loss was devastating.

The firm, with IT supplied by Qualitas-IT, changed to an Asigra online backup product. In October last year a Windows update to a serbver went wrong and the server crashed. Oops! It nearly lost its data again. Fortunately the Asigra product did its stuff and the data was recoverable.

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