De-dupe is his Data Domain

EMC and NetApp running scared

Frank Slootman is Data Domain’s fast-moving and fast-talking CEO. We had a chance to talk with him about whether de-duplication is a feature or a technology worthy enough to stand on its own, plus a couple of other topics.

The background to this is that suppliers such as EMC and others have indicated that data de-duplication is not a technology strong enough to justify storage products on its own. Instead it is a feature or attribute of particular types of storage such as disk-to-disk backup targets (D2D), virtual tape libraries (VTL) and disk-based archives.

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Data moving and de-duplication

Overland Storage’s roadmap

Vern Loforti is the CEO of Overland Storage, the tape automation and disk-based data protection company. He has to lead the company back to health and earnings prosperity after the upset caused by Chris Calisi’s mis-steps, Calisi being the former CEO who was separated from the company last year.

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The steadily more upstanding Pillar

A work in progress: SSD plans revealed

Pillar Data is surviving and prospering and extending its product offer. Customer numbers are growing and any early doubters of its products and technology have had to reassess the company and where it is going. It is responding to the current server virtualisation surge and has a good green story too.

CEO Mike Workman landed in the UK for a day or two and we managed to get an hour or so of his time to get an update of what Pillar is doing. (Some of his answers have been abridged for editorial reasons and these sections are indicated by elipsis marks, like this …)

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FalconStor on FCoE and SSD

If users want FCoE to be a success, it will be. SSD technology is being developed.

What does FalconStor think of FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) and flash memory solid-state disks (SSD). We asked John Lallier who is the company’s VP of Technology.

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