Which is it Atrato? 1.8-inch or 2.5-inch?

To our coy mistress

Well Attrato, are you using 1.8inch or 2.5-inch drives?

Byte and Switch says 1.8-inch.

The Channel Register said 1.8 inch at first and then plumped for 2.5-inch. A Google search hit summary mentions 1.8-inch drives but the article itself, by Austin Modine, has 2.5-inch drives mentioned, showing that the original copy has been updated.

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70 exabytes in Amazon’s S3 storage cloud?

It’s only two years old
In Anil Gupta’s blog there is a guesstimate that Amazon’s S3 cloud service already stores between 14 and 70 exabytes of data.
An exabyte, as a reminder, is 1,000 petabytes.

A petabyte, as a remind… is 1,000 terabytes.
A terabyte, as a …. is 1,000 gigabytes.
A gigabyte ….. 1,000 megabytes.

So 70EB is 70 billion gigabytes. If true, that’s an astonishing total. S3 is just a mewling and, sometimes, puking infant. What’s it going to be storing a few more years time?

ZFS could hold entire world’s data

1.8 zettabytes – no problem

We can relax. The digital data explosion issue is sorted. IDC analysts can wean themselves off Prozac.

IDC has forecast that the world’s digital data will total 1.8 zettabytes (1,800 exabytes) in 2011, a 10-fold increase over five years.

This is more data than the world’s drive arrays can hold, let alone address.

Problem sorted: Sun’s ZFS – Zettabyte File System – can hold 256 quadrillion zettabytes. Not only can this data be stored in a file system, it is a global namespace.

We could even de-dupe it and cut it back to 90 exabytes. There, you feel better already.

File system fables

Terrific account of file system history

PC technology website Ars Technica has a great history of file systems. The story begins with the very first minicomputer, the PDP 8 and its tape-based file sysyem. It moves on to the PC and its rudimentary floppy disk-based file system and then the flowering of Microsoft and Unix.

You can read the series of six or so pages – 6,500+ words – with illustrations at Ars Technica.

Did EMC blunder with Iomega bid?

Could EMC make a hostile takeover bid?

Why did Iomega rebuff EMC’s acquisition offer in public so forcefully? Is it saying ‘no’ in no uncertain terms and forcing EMC to mount a hostile takeover bid if it wants to proceed?

EMC could have phoned up Iomega’s CEO, Jonathan Huberman (pictured)¬†and suggested they dance the acquisition tango together and Iomega could have politely declined with that being that; end of story, nothing said publicly at all.

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Blu-ray for Mac

May be coming soon, may be not

AppleInsider has a rumour that Apple and Sony are in the final negotiation stages for bringing Blu-ray drives to Macs.

Third-party Blu-ray drives are available but not an Apple-branded drive.

Apple-branded Blu-ray drives have been mooted for Macs for a couple of years. It has been assumed that the HD-DVD-Blu-ray marketing year prevented a decision being made but that obstacle, if it was real, has now gone away.

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Of HD-DVD and Blu-ray

Tosh loss and Microsoft nixes Xbox 360 Blu-ray

The Japanese Nikkei paper reports or speculated that Toshiba faces a near $1 billion loss over the failed and now ended HD-DVD venture. Toshiba is keeping mum.

Meanwhile Reuters reports that Microsoft is not considering adding Blu-ray support to its Xbox 360 games console, which used to be an HD-DVD supporter. Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360, said this in an interview.

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