What a day!

NetApp, EMC, EMC again, LSI, Intel and quantum dots
Just another day in storage-land.

- NetApp decided to change how it looked with a new logo and tens of millions of dollars to be spent on a raising-awareness campaign.
- EMC decided to try and buy Iomega for, I think, its REV removable hard drive business. Iomega said a polite ‘no thank you’ but appears to leave the door open to a better offer. With complex stock exchanging and issuing shenanigans involved Iomega may have more cards to play.
- It is rumoured that EMC may be developing Symmetrix array controller-based storage virtualisation, similar to HDS’ USP approach. That would signal a potential downgrade of its InVista virtualise-in-the-fabric product approach.
- LSI decided to buy Infineon’s hard drive semicondustor business. This follows on from Infineon agreeing to buy LSI’s mobility business. It’s deck-clearing time at both companies as well as building up their core competencies.
- Intel opened its solid state disk (SSD) kimono a little.
- MemoRight unveiled a claimed 120MB/s sustained read/write multi-level cell flash SSD.
- Trend Micro expanded from its security base by offering an email archiving and search product.
- German and Turkish researchers revealed a quantum dot technology that could produce a terabyte of storage in a square inch, oh, and combine DRAM and flash attributesd Still it would be many years away from commercialisation.

On a day like today you might imagine the storage world is enjoying a quantum of dottiness.


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