Xyratex and solid state disks

In active development with customers

Disk drive array manufacturer Xyratex is already actively engaged with OEM customers in developing solid state drive (SSD) arrays with a Solar brand name likely to be involved.

In the earnings call transcript Paul Mansky of Citigroup asked: “… can you talk a little about your plans relative to support for solid state store technologies. Are you looking at it? Are you already in development or are you going to pass at this point?”

Xyratex CEO Steve Barber replied: “We are already active in this area for certain customers that we can’t observe. We are integrating drive technology for very specific application activities, very significant cost differential between (inaudible) So we’re currently active with customers. We’re seeing discussion with other customers who are looking at potential benefit that Solar can bring to them, but it’s all around their particular application and for the benefit of an extremely high IOP capability….to enhance their application, then it really becomes a potential opportunity, but the price is going to be a factor for some time.”

Xyratex provides process equipment to solar photo-voltaic cell manufacturers but the implication here is that ‘Solar’ is a Xyratex brand for solid state disk products.

Existing Xyratex customers include Data Domain, Dell (EqualLogic), IBM (XIV) and NetApp.

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